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Nothing less than magic happens when this group of basement rockers put their heads together to make music and showcase their crafts. Fine-Line's main goal is to create music and shows that leave an impact on their listeners and followers. Their music brings fun and exciting beats, heavy and arena-like guitars, and catchy melodies that will lift your soul up to a new level. 

At heart, they are just a group of boys who love playing music and want to give rock 'n' roll its balls back.

Elegant Abstract Background


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Fine-Line spent the fourth quarter of 2022 in the studio recording new material. The first 2 singles off of their next album are out now! Click the links above to listen!

Fine-Line's debut album 'Breathe' was released on May 20th, 2022. It is a culmination of 6+ years of songwriting and experiences. Many of the songs were brought to life in our basements, and others were resonated in freshman dorm rooms and airplanes. 

From punk, to alternative, to stripped down rock and roll, 'Breathe' is the perfect album for modern rockers. 

You can find this work of art in the link buttons above.



Fine-Line was created for 3 main reasons: 1) To have a blast! 2) To make and play music together. 3) To keep rock and roll alive!


Formed in 2016, Fine-Line was born when 3 guys were in the same math class. Throughout the years Fine-Line has gone through a few members and have landed on a group that has more chemistry than Romeo and Juliet. The band's current lineup consists of Lucas Guin (Vox/Guitar), Patrick Henkels (Vox/Guitar), Matt Diaz (Drums), and Spencer Olson (Bass/Vox).

After COVID, Fine-Line got back into the music scene in April of 2022, playing house shows in Pullman, WA at Washington State University. Fine-Line has been invited by the booking agency Palouse Music on many occasions to bring life and energy to any ordinary Friday night. 

The band is currently finalizing their 2nd LP, due out in early September.

Parallel Lines


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